PPJoe 4" Umbrella Academy Sleeve, Funko Vinyl Protection [Single]

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Elevate your Funko Pop collection with our PPJoe 4 Umbrella Academy Sleeve! This single sleeve is specially designed to fit all standard 4" Funko Pops, ensuring that your beloved figurines remain in pristine condition.

Our sleeve is not only compatible with our 4" Soft Protectors and Hard Stacks but also with non-PPJoe protectors and hard stacks. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, this sleeve has an open top and bottom, making it easy to slide your POP into the sleeve.

But why settle for a standard display when you can enhance the look of your Funko Pop with our pop sleeve? Each sleeve is individually wrapped with an easy to peel protective film to avoid scratching during transit and before you display your POP. Plus, with a thickness of 0.25mm, your Pop will be safe from dust, dirt and any other potential damage.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that our PPJoe 4 Umbrella Academy Sleeve is a collector's item in its own right? Its sleek design and functionality make it a must-have for any Funko Pop enthusiast.

Imagine proudly displaying your favorite Funko Pop without any worries of dust or damage. Or, picture yourself carefully packing your prized collection for a move or storage, with the peace of mind that each figure is protected by our pop sleeves. With our PPJoe 4 Umbrella Academy Sleeve, the possibilities are endless.

Upgrade your Funko Pop display with our PPJoe 4 Umbrella Academy Sleeve today!