Corrie Davidson

Corrie Davidson
My name's Corrie (CeeDeePops). I'm 24 and I'm really just a child at heart. I got into collecting after getting a tattoo. I was in the parlour and I saw they had a horror line. After this I began watching YouTube videos on funko and fellow collectors. One thing led to another and now I have just over 100 pops from Game Of Thrones to Disney.

What I love most about PPJOE is that the protectors are value for money. Sounds like a cliche but it really is. After spending £10 on a pop, the last thing I was to do is spend another £5 on a couple of protectors. Not only that, delivery is reliable. Always. Never had an issue and the wee treat is always welcome!

YouTube: CEEDEE Pops
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ceedeepops/
Twitter: @Cdeepops
Instagram: @CeeDeePops

Craig Tobin

Craig Tobin
Im Craig AKA FunkoConcepts, Im the guy whose designs you find getting shared around on social media for Funko Pops that should be made. I have a large, engaging audience who vote on which designs i do next" I started collecting by accident, my first pop was DC reverse flash, i used to collect star wars and have bought and sold my entire collecting 3 or 4 times. PPJOE have become a household name for quality and service and its been great to be associated with them.

Instagram: @funkoconcepts

William Smith

Will Smith

Hello folks! My name is will & i run a YouTube channel called SuperPopBro, I currently have a small audience who watch my content which is outstanding, my specialty is mainly doing Funko Pop Unboxings, Reviews & anything else that takes my fancy, if you like what you see click the SUBSCRIBE you will not be disappointed.

PPJOE has a fast delivery service & great communication, If you ever have a spare £5 go get yourself a Pop Protector, you will not regret it, His Protectors are a HUGE value for money...


Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton
I'm Nerd of the 80s, I have a Youtube channel of the same name where I make videos about collecting Funko Pops and other collectables, Movie and TV show reviews, Trailer reactions, Top 10, Food Reviews and more. I started collecting ever since I was a kid in the 80s and that is where my love of pop culture and Collectables started, my love of Funko Pops started in 2014 when I picked up a Sheldon Cooper Pop from the Big Bang Theory in a Xmas sale. I really like PPJoe Pop Protectors because are a fantastic price and great quality meaning I can protect my most valuable and rare Funko Pops at a very reasonable cost.

YouTube: Nerd of the 80s
Twitter: @nerdofthe80s
Instagram: @nerd_of_the80s

Kieran Gallacher

Kieran Gallacher
My name is Kieran and across my social media platforms I'm known as Bearded Batdad. I've always been into geekery & all things nerd & have found a great community online through sharing my interests & hobbies on Instagram. I've also recently started sharing videos on YouTube and documenting my ever expanding Pop! collection. I'm drawn towards Horror pops and nostalgia draws me to the Dragonball Z line, but with two kids & a wife who also share the Funko Pop! addiction, I'm expecting my collection to multiply in months to come.

I'd happily recommend PPJoes to anyone who wants quality products for affordable prices, and great customer service.

Put a protector on it.

YouTube: Bearded Batdad
Instagram: @_beardedbatdad_

Sofiane Kamal

Sofiane Kamal
Bonjour a tous, moi c'est Tiegor, jeune français de 20 ans. Ma collection de Funko Pop a commencé par le Materialising Tardis de Doctor Who trouvé sur une brocante pour quelques euros. Je me suis ensuite intéressé de plus prêt au monde des Funko Pop, j'en suis maintenant presque a 100 Pop, commençant à avoir de belles pièces, j'ai voulu les protéger, et c'est la que je suis tombé sur PPJOE ! Rien a dire, envois, protection, stickers et même bonbon, tout est parfait !

Instagram: @tiegors.pop

Conor Andres

Conor Andres
Salut moi c'est conor je suis un jeune français animateur radio et youtuber. Ma passion pour les pop à commencé en février 2016 quand j'ai découvert la pop de slash dans un supermarché puis mon envie de pop c'est envahit quand j'ai vu qu'il y avait plein d'autres pop de rocker et de monstres de film d'horreur et walking dead ! Puis j'ai découvert ppjoe et ils ont gentiment accepté le partenariat cela fait maintenant 4 mois que je suis en partenariat avec eux protection nickel envoie nickel de très bon produit.

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Tessa Garnier

Tessa Garnier
Salut, je suis Tessa et j'habite à Paris, en France. J'ai une chaîne Youtube et un blog où je parle de Funko Pop et de collections en tout genre, mais aussi de littérature, films, séries, organisation, diy... Mais mon thème préféré reste les Pop pour lesquels je fais pas mal de vidéos ! J'ai hâte de vous présenter les protections PPJoe, qui sont de super qualité et teeellement utiles!

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YouTube: Tessa Garnier
Facebook: Tessa Garnier
Twitter: Tessa Garnier
Instagram: Tessa Garnier


Bonjour je m'appelle laeticia je suis une très grande collection depuis 2 ans de funko pop pour moi la boîte fait partie de la collection c'est pour ça que des protector sont très importante J'ai une chaîne YouTube intitulé #la collectionneurs/ depuis 1 ans où je fais des unboxing

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YouTube: La Collectionneuse


Funko Reece - 700 Pops, 700 PPJoes Pop Protectors. 'Nuff Said.

YouTube: Funko Reece
Instagram: @FunkoReece
Twitter: @FunkoReece

Mark Enty

Mark Enty
I've been collecting Funko Products for around 4 years now. My fav lines are - Scott Pilgrim, MOTU, Overwatch & Cup Head.

As my collection contains several rare/expensive pieces, im more than happy to use PPJoes Protectors. Awesome quality, easy to use and great value for money :)

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey
Hi - I'm Chris, the owner of GG Customs. I create custom Funko Pop!s of anything from your favourite film or TV character to yourself and significant other for weddings. A huge part of my work is the custom boxes that go with them, and I've tried and tested all sorts of Pop! protectors to go with them, and have found PPJoe products to be the best on the market. I wouldn't pair up with any other brand, for my personal collection or my customers commissions!


Carl Maddox

Carl Maddox
Hey we are a husband and wife team that make custom funko vinyl’s from some of your favourite shows and movies that aren’t released in vinyl form yet. We believe that everyone should be able to get custom pops for an affordable amount and put our hearts and souls into making your dream pop a reality. We recommend ppjoe protectors as we have tried many types before but they give the best protection possible for the customs we provide. Check out some of our work below.

Facebook: customhobby

Raphaël et Maureen

Raphaël et Maureen
Bonjour, nous sommes Raphaël et Maureen un couple français. Nous collectionnons les pops depuis deux ans et pour nous chaque pop mérite sa protection c'est pourquoi depuis que nous avons découvert les protection de la marque Ppjoe nous ne pouvons plus nous en passer. En effet, ayant essayé d'autres protections avant de connaître Ppjoe nous pouvons vous assurer que c'est le jour et la nuit avec la concurrence.

En effet, la solidité de la boîte avec une épaisseur largement supérieur à la concurrence, la fermeture sur le dessus, le film de protection afin de ne pas avoir de rayures sur le plastique et enfin la petite surprise...les bonbons ! Un must Have !

James Winder

My name is James but people know me as Macron from my podcast at www.macronshow.com I’m a big kid at heart who just loves collecting Funko Pops! I’m focusing on Rick And Morty mostly at the moment but I also love Star Wars, DC Comics figures and anything 80’s like Back To The Future and Ghostbusters.

I fell in love with PP Joe the second I obtained my first purchase. The high quality, ease of use and great value for money make them a must for any collector, not to mention the amazing and super friendly service. You really can’t go wrong!

If you ever want to talk Funko Pops or PP Joe protectors I’d love to hear from you any time!

Website: macronshow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/macronshow
Twitter: twitter.com/macronshow
Instagram: instagram.com/jameswinder
YouTube: youtube.com/ronblackman

Danny & Jaz

Danny & Jaz
Hi we are Danny and Jaz ,  Danny (age 37) Jaz (age12 ) We run a YouTube channel called Danyjaz we love unboxing geeky boxes on our channel but our main passion is funko pops . We have over 300 Funko pops to date and wont be stopping any time soon our collection consists of stranger things , Disney , harry potter , everything really we love the quality and solidness of ppjoes pop protectors . nothing better than slipping your signed pop in to a ppjoes at a comic con and knowing its going to be safe. We are honoured to be part of the team.




Hello my name is Adam and I’m 44 years old. I love collecting my pops I have about 300 and started my collection in 2016.

I used to run the Bossman Pr Channel on YouTube but due to unfortunate circumstances I've had to re brand to Funkorama UK !!!

PPJOE pop protectors...the best a pop can get!!!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VX1Dal_JDVO5joaVoK3FQ
Twitter: @funkoramauk
Instagram: @funkoramauk