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Get the Best from your PPJoe Pop Protectors
When you get them, your covers have a protective film. This is to keep them in pristine condition during manufacture, shipping and assembly. Please don’t take the film off until you’ve finished putting your cover together - then you can enjoy that peeling sensation, and your protected Pops will shine through in all their glory!

Although they are easy to construct, these superior protectors need a little extra love and attention when being put together to make sure they look their best:

  • Make your folds slowly - there’s no rush!
  • To add more definition to the box, fold the long vertical lines to crisp them up.
  • Start construction with the bottom - put your hand in to push the base flaps into a locked position.
  • On smaller folds, fold back in the opposite direction a little first.
  • For the lid flap, start the fold in the middle and work your way out.

Our top tips
We’ve put so many of these together we can do it in our sleep now, but along the way we’ve learnt some tricks to give you the best results:

  • For perfect Pop stacking make sure to fold along the lid flap front edge as well as the back.
  • Want easy access to you treasured Pop? Don’t secure the lid tab, just fold it inwards out of the way.
  • For the biggest sizes of Pop Protector we suggest you use the lid tab - it helps keep their definition.
  • Some Pop boxes are slightly bigger than they should be, or the boxes have a finish on them that makes it difficult to slide into the Protector. Pro tip: slip a piece of paper between the tricky box and the cover to help it slide in, then just pull it out. Job done!